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I Want To Fuck You

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Att se svenska band utomlands är ofta intressant eftersom det blir tydligt hur annorlunda en artist kan tolkas i nya kontexter. Minns ni den extrema övervikten av gaymän på Robyns Terminal 5-spelning? Lika spännande var det att höra publiken – mestadels collegekids – på Radio Depts Bowery Ballroom-konsert gasta framfusiga viljerop likt ovanstående eller “I want to marry you”. “We’re shy people” svarade en generad Johan Duncanson från scenen. I övrigt var det vackert såklart, även om mina ögon höll sig torra. Den som jag gillar drömsk pop från Kanade, låna ett öra till förbandet Braids.

ENGLISH: Seeing Swedish bands in different countries is usually interesting since it shows how different an artist can be perceived in new contex. Remember all the lovely gay men at Robyns Terminal 5-spelning? As funny was hearing the audience at Radio Dept’s Bowery Ballroom concert excitedly screaming forward exclamations like the one above and “I want to marry you”. “We’re shy people” an embarrassed Johan Duncanson answered from the stage. Other than that it was beautiful, as expected, though my eyes kept dry. Those who, like me, have a soft spot for dreamy Canadian pop, lend an ear to opening act Braids.

Written by Katarina

December 3, 2010 at 1:57 pm

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