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Shop Of The Week: Meg

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Med enkel, feminin design, sköna material och rimliga priser fångar Meg – designad av Meghan Kinney – i alla fall mitt öga. Den luftiga butiken i Williamsburg  (56 N. 6th Street) pryds av gamla plaggskisser och smycken av lokala designers, upphängda på ett par stora älghorn (horn, generellt, är extremt hett som butiksinredning just nu). Butiken i East Village (312 East 9th Street) är betydligt mindre, men precis lika söt.

ENGLISH: With her simple, feminine designs, beautiful materials and reasonable prices Meg – designed by Meghan Kinney – catches my eye. The airy Williamsburg (56 N. 6th Street) boutique is adorned with old patterns and locally designed jewelry, arranged on an enormous moose horn (horn, in general, seems to be the thing in the hip boutiques of New York right now). The shop in East Village (312 East 9th Street) is a lot smaller, but just as cute. 

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